Bair Hugger Litigation Update

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Are you or your hospital identified in the Bair Hugger lawsuits?

You can search this complaint database for Bair Hugger lawsuits based on its city, state, hospital or surgeon.

The Federal Court’s rules require that orthopedic surgeons and hospitals be identified in the complaints.  All the information is a matter of public record. We have made the public information searchable.

More than 5,000 plaintiffs have filed suit against 3M/Bair Hugger, claiming that Bair Hugger caused their infections. Recently, an average of 50 new cases were being filed daily.

NOTE: Because of the large number of cases being filed, not all have been added to this searchable database.  Occasionally, cases are filed, then dismissed. Check back often, as the database will be updated frequently.

Search complaints by any or all of the following:

Start your search by entering your state’s two letter abbreviation and then the first three letters in your hospital’s name.

Alternatively, you could start with your state and then enter your city, as some hospital names have been incorrectly named in the complaints.